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25 Of My Best Checklists & Worksheets

image7These are what I share with my students as part of The Bacon System – A coaching program that has helped people greatly increase their visibility online and double their income or more!


✔︎ Website Page Checklist – Pages and content that every website needs
✔︎ WordPress Plug-Ins Checklist – Must have plug-ins for every (including yours) WordPress website
✔︎ Blog Post Checklist – The content you need to produce more successful and viral blog posts
✔︎ Google Analytics Checklist – What you need to check every time you log into analytics
✔︎ Interview Checklist – How to sell yourself through radio & podcast interviews
✔︎ Social Sharing Checklist – Give you content more legs through social sharing
✔︎ Facebook Post Checklist – Getting more engagement through your Facebook business and brand pages
✔︎ LinkedIn Post Checklist – How to extend your reach on LinkedIn and where to share your content
✔︎ Twitter Post Checklist – How you can turn 140 characters into clients and content marketing gold
✔︎ Google+ Post Checklist – This is the secret sauce that has helped people double their business
✔︎ Pinterest Post Checklist – How to use images to increase interaction and engagement on your content marketing
✔︎ Instagram Post Checklist – A picture is worth 1000 words and how to use the 2200 characters Instagram gives you
✔︎ YouTube Post Checklist – How to create and share video that gets you found and brings more traffic to your website


✔︎ Your Perfect Avatar (Customer) – Worksheet – Define and communicate to your perfect customers (yes I mean plural)
✔︎ The Marketing Trifecta – Worksheet – Creating a web-based system that attracts your perfect customers
✔︎ Killer Website – Worksheet – Why your website should now be considered a series of landing pages
✔︎ Google Analytics – Worksheet – What most people are missing when they log into their Google Analytics accounts
✔︎ Content Marketing – Worksheet – How Content Marketing is used  to drive people back to your website
✔︎ Blogging – Marketing Schedule – Worksheet – The parts and strategies that make blog posts attract your perfect customers
✔︎ Video & Audio – Worksheet – New Video and Audio marketing technologies and how you can leverage them (easily)
✔︎ Lead Magnets – Worksheet – How to use content you have already created to build your audience and email lists
✔︎ Email Marketing – Worksheet – Why email marketing is NOT DEAD, and why you need to start building your list NOW
✔︎ Social Media – Worksheet – Social Media is a relationship building tool, a content delivery platform, and how to make the most of it
✔︎ Facebook & LinkedIn Groups – Worksheet – How to make the most of Facebook & LinkedIn groups in your overall marketing plan
✔︎ Re-purposing Content – Worksheet – How to create assets… not just content

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