Google Analytics Secrets – Class


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Class Includes 8 Short Training Videos & Worksheets

screen-shot-2015-09-25-at-11-06-08-pmIn an informal poll, I have asked audiences how often they check their Google Analytics? Most only check them once a month while others almost never check them.

Why is that? It's because they simply don't understand what they are looking at or why it matters to their business.

In this class, you will learn principles and techniques that many successful business owners use every day…

• What Analytics Stats Really Matter And Which Are Just Noise
• Key Analytics That Business Owners Neglect To Measure & How Using Them Will Improve Your Bottom Line
• How-To Take Action On What Analytics Are Really Saying About To Your Business
• A Powerful Repeatable Action That Will Multiply Your Profits
• Eliminate One Fear That’s Certain to Hold You Back From Success



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