The Productivity Bundle

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Time. Sucks.

This Proven Time-Saving Productivity Bundle  Will Help You Earn More Money With Less Effort…
  • How To Organize your time and tasks to maximize profits. Save 10-20 Hours a WEEK!
  • How To Avoid those “Time Sucks” that rob you of profitability. Get Organized NOW!
  • How To Be More Productive by getting the “Right Things” done FIRST each day!
  • A Very Effective Follow-Up Strategy – Stop leaving money on the table. Easy Peasy!

That’s Cool… But What's Included In The Productivity Bundle?

You get my 8 WORKSHEETS & CHECKLISTS. More importantly, you get 10 TRAINING VIDEOS that outline
how to make the most of them in this easy-to-use SYSTEM that will blow your mind after you give it a try!
The Bundle

What Customers Are Saying

Robin Carter
Content Marketing Specialist
Thank you very much!

“I love systems. My love of and need for systems has become more apparent while working for business professionals as a content marketing specialist.

Writing a to-do list the night before alone did not work as well as I needed it to, so I kept searching. In my quest for a system for productive work days, I tried blocking time in my calendar. That helped a lot, but I needed more.

Then Brian Basilico crossed my path with The Productivity Bundle which helped me manage tasks (not just time). It taught me to break down my workday into Money Making Activities, Business Making Activities and Client Maintenance Activities.

As soon as I started using this system, I was instantly amazed how much more I was able to accomplish daily, (and now I feel pretty amazing, too!). You see, time is money. When I use to this Productivity system, I am better prepared to accomplish more for myself and my clients.

Does this system work? Does increasing my income over 3 times per month count? I say a very hearty, “YES!”

This happy customer is hacking productively with this easy-to-use and implement system. ”


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