Online Training Includes 10 One Hour

Powerful How-To Classes

$1500 Value  – $997

ON SALE – Only $397

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There are so many tools to use for social media and new ones coming out every day.  How do you know which one's are right for you? How do you find the one (or more) that are right for you and your unique business? People pay $150 for an hour of personal consulting, that teaches them how to do only some of the hundreds of tips and techniques you will learn in this action packed web-based series. This comprehensive online class will teach you step-by-step how to use various social media tools.

What People Are Saying?

“Brian Basilico’s Master Class videos are amazing.  Starting from the most basic question—why is Social Media important and why do it—to nuts and bolts things any business must do on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, this is an invaluable ten-part series worth its weight in gold. The key to business success is human relationships, and B2B Interactive Marketing’s Social Media Success videos tell you how to do it without any hype or hyperbole, jargon or confusion. Take the class—before your competition does.”

John Nachtrieb Barcode-Test LLC

Thank you so much for making these segments so easy to access! The menu is very user friendly. Being able to review and revisit any portions will really help me to implement what I need as I need it.”

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Online Training Includes 10 One Hour Powerful How-To Classes

(This is a $1500 Value)



Class 1) Marketing Overview

Class 2) Content Development

Class 3) Facebook

Class 4) LinkedIn

Class 5) Twitter

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Class 6) Pinterest

Class 7) Google+

Class 8) Video

Class 9) Other Options

Class 10) Integration

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$1500 Value  – Only $997

Special – $397

(Limited Time Offer)

What People Are Saying

Once again way too much info in an hour, definitely get your money's worth. I poked around my Twitter page to see the stuff mentioned last night.

Grady M. [hr]

I want to say that I am extremely appreciative of you and what you do. From helping me in the beginning when I had a problem with the email/login to the actual class itself. You have been nothing but professional and helpful! Thank you so very much for everything!! I am a single mom and I work a very full time job on top of that, so I am especially happy that I am able to go back and watch all of your teaching video's at my own pace. Thank you!

Andi S.